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Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Another AMMO entry. 

Remember if you want (sorry for some unavailable links, but old entries) The First, Second and Third 'editions'.

This time, as said before, Blender stuff included too.

POLIIGON commercial textures (very good stuff there).

TEXTURES.COM  (old CGTextures) commercial and free textures.

BLENDER CLOUD. Tutorials, models,scenes, textures... subscription required.

LIGHTWAVE ASSETS . Search your LW plugin here.

References? Inspiration? Try PINTEREST

Commercial Archviz models, textures, materials... 3DSKY

ARCHIVE3D for free models

BLENDSWAP . A lot of free stuff for Blender here

FREE3D... yes, free 3D models

BIM FURNITURE FREE OBJECTS  If you don't know how to use them, import them to Blender with this ADDON (and later as obj to LW if you want)

A lot of Blender stuff for Archviz here, at BLENDER3DARCHITECT 

Commercial models and materials for 3D: FLYINGARCHITECTURE

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