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Monday, April 6, 2015


CHAMAN ANIMATION STUDIO is starting a 20 minutes shortfilm... but they need our help. The teaser looks great!!

Natura - The most beautiful short to be made. from felipeesquivel on Vimeo.

In their own words

"Natura is a wonderful story which we wish to tell as a short film full of action and adventure. We will use a mix of animation with real footage. It will be likeMicrocosmos meets Indiana Jones: sounds great, doesn’t it?

Like every year, we will produce a new short film with the members from Chamán Animation Studio. Our objectives are increasingly ambitious and this year is no exception since we will be combining film with realistic animation.

We want to use all our experience to make a twenty minute film. We wish to make a new short film with all of you, the fundraisers, to which you will have access, and will also include two exclusive premieres followed by a party for all the fundraisers who choose that.

Your help will be the water that will make the seed we have planted grow. We will take care of the hard work, since that is what we do best.

Natura is the story of a miniature world, a small park full of mysterious and magical things. Impulsive and cheeky, Rose, our heroine, lives within a world that is about to change. She will have to find a way to save her people and herself.

In a nutshell, Natura tells a story of adventure and solidarity. After all, we are not alone on this planet."


CHAMAN ANIMATION STUDIO REEL 2013 from felipeesquivel on Vimeo.

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