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Sunday, March 30, 2014


Tutorial about using Jacobo Barreiro's  Character Picker (CCP) plugin in Lightwave.

 Thanks to Jonny Gorden for allowing me to share with you his version of the Jacobo Barreiro's plugin. And thanks to Jacobo for creating it. You can download the plugin HERE

Jonny Gorden's site
Jacobo Barreiro's site


Tutorial sobre como usar el plugin de Jacobo Barreiro  Character Picker (CCP) en Lightwave.

 Gracias a Jonny Gorden por permitirmme compartir con vosotros su versión del plugin de Jacobo Barreiro. Y, claro, gracias a Jacobo por crearlo. Podéis descargar el plugin AQUI

Jonny Gorden's site
Jacobo Barreiro's site

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