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Friday, July 27, 2012


Here you will see what is coming with LIGHTWAVE 11.5 (CG CHANNEL)

 GENOMA sounds great... and interchange with After Effects too!!
Aquí podéis ver lo que viene con LIGHTWAVE 11.5 (CG CHANNEL)

GENOMA tiene pintaza, así como el workflow con After Effects

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lightwave plugin - PX OnMove

Very,very useful plugin to adjust/align an object to a polygon.
Dedicated to Eduardo from Italica Romana , who likes this kind of plugins.
Una pero que my útil herramienta para ajustar un objeto a un polígono. Esta herramienta se la dedico a Eduardo de Italica Romana , que guusta de este tipo de plugins, por lo que alguna vez me ha comentado.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

BoarderTown - Zero Gravity

Lightwave, Syntheyes and After Effects to get that impressive video. By MutinyFX
Lightwave, Syntheyes y After Effects para conseguir ese impresionante video. Por MutinyFX

Stereo 3D : Lightwave & After Effects

This video hows how to get the output of a stereoscopic render from LightWave onto YouTube. I quickly show how to set up a comp in After Effects as well as how to combine the two image sequences into a movie file using only LightWave.
Usar After Effects y LW para componer un render estereoscópico


One of the best Spanish lwers. Hagia Sophia was finished years ago but it worth to take a look to this making of.
Uno de los mejores Lwers españoles. Hagia Sophia tiene un tiempecillo pero no deja de ser impresionante ver este making of.


Using springythingy by Mike green.  An Erikals video
Usando springythingy de Mike green.  Un  vídeo de Erikals