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Friday, April 13, 2012

What those shader nodes are good for- Para que sirven los shaders de nodos

What those shader nodes are good for, at NT Forums... take a look to the post by Jerrard  
Para qué sirven los shaders de nodos. En los foros NT  por Dave Jerrard

"I figured I'd make a new thread for this, rather than risk hijacking the original thread in which questions arised about the uses for the various shading nodes. I'll just cover the Diffuse Shading and Specular nodes since these seem to be the most confusing for people. Each of the shading models - Minnaert, Oren-Nayar, and Lambert - were designed to mimic certain types of surfaces. Occlusion, Translucency and Theta are special shaders that work best whem combined with one of the other three. But which shaders should be used for what? There's no rules set in stone about how to use them... "

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